I'm Paul, a fun-loving guy who does creative direction, graphic design, and video production. I also love things of a philosophical nature and play guitar. I'm married to my gorgeous wife, Kimberly (who is an amazing person and photographer), and we have a beautiful daughter, Anna, and a totally awesome boy, Samuel.  

Currently, I'm working as the Creative Director for NorthPointe Community Church in Fresno, CA. I also do freelance graphic design and play my guitar for people. 

Peace. Love. Rock 'n' Roll.

Here's some more about me:

  • I am 50% Cuban. My mom was born in Havana and lived there until she was 4. I speak minimal Spanish, but eat maximum amounts of Cuban food.

  • My other side of my heritage is 37.5% Swedish, and 12.5% Dutch.

  • I love to coach, play, and watch soccer. Chelsea FC is my favorite club.

  • I have a profound love for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  • I have been to 32 states and hope to visit the rest, with the possible exception of Delaware.

  • SF sports teams for baseball and football. Giants. 49ers.

  • Don't really care about basketball, but go Bulls when I do.

  • I was the class of '98's "Outstanding Guitarist" at Hoover High in Fresno.

  • Sometimes I make only myself laugh with my sense of humor. This doesn't bother me, except when I do that wheeze-and-laugh-like-a-chain-smoker thing. Perhaps everyone else should be smart enough to understand ALL my jokes. Then again, even I don’t always do that...

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.
— Malcom Muggeridge